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Would you like to deliver Training 4 Influence?

We offer a full Train the Trainer programme.

The 12-week programme is suitable for both freelance and internal facilitators. Whether you have been facilitating training for 10 months or 10 years, you will find it incredibly valuable.

Hear what some of our past graduates say here

Our four-step method will show you how to:

  • Transform your training
  • Influence organisational outcomes
  • Change lives

Over 12 weeks, we bring together applicants who recognise the potential every training session they deliver has to influence the sector they love.

The Home of Training 4 Influence

As a facilitator, you regularly train others. Training 4 Influence is part of your CPD journey – invest in yourself, invest in your delivery, invest in sector outcomes, join our community.

As you go through the programme, you will be shown how to apply the methodology to courses you deliver.

The 12-week course includes:

  • Online learning platform
  • Live training sessions with Tammy
  • Guest expert sessions
  • Peer group of facilitators
  • A personal mentor
  • Access to our vibrant community*
    (This is where we share our updated activities, worksheets, offer ongoing support and host our guest live sessions.)

*To celebrate the launch of our book, the first cohort of trainees (post the launch) will receive access to our community for life – usually 12 months.

Our Train the Trainer course numbers are strictly limited to ensure that every delegate has their learning needs met.


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Hear what some of our past graduates have to say about us.

past graduates



Here’s what our happy clients had to say about our services:

“I have a lot of expert experience in safeguarding, in mental capacity assessment, managing challenging behaviour, support planning etc so I’m not new to training but I think, the most powerful for me was actually shadowing the sessions because I could see all the nitty gritty shades of what a beautiful concept the methodology is, the difference it truly makes and how well it’s applied in practice. It’s about supporting people to put things in context, to add value, to be tailored to the work they’re doing to the organisation.”

Adriana, Practising Social Worker and Trainer

“What really spoke to me when I found the Training 4 Influence methodology on the internet, and then what came from you in all the programme sessions was your reason for doing what you’re doing. It is to get as many people out there delivering quality training to impact the frontline delivery of whatever organisation, to improve the service vulnerable people receive. Now I’ve done the programme I can see that’s exactly what it does!”

Sally, Retired Police Officer and Trainer

“The reason I was interested in the Train the Trainer course was because of the values and the way that everything step blends together, everything that I heard or saw on the internet or speaking with you was all about giving quality training which is what I am about. I worked for a lot of companies where it’s quantity over quality. But going through the programme proved to me that Training 4 Influence it’s far better format than any other training method I’ve been involved in.”

Chad, Freelance Trainer

“I felt a little bit out of depth on the first week, looking at things and discussing being a ‘facilitator’. And then as we moved through the programme and when we got to ‘engaging’ and I read those draft book chapters everything pulled together for me because then I understood properly the different learning styles.”

Andy, Retired Police Officer

“I really liked the knowledge sharing, and I really like the opportunity to discuss and debate, and that we were all treated as experts in our own field as well. It wasn’t like we were being taught by you, it was like we were having things shared by you so I never felt talked down to and I never felt the odd one. I felt part of a group which is nice. I enjoyed the whole programme.”

Steve, Internal Trainer

“One of my favourite parts of the programme was the networking and meeting up with likeminded people, because sometimes you feel a little bit on your own when you’re out there as a freelance trainer. Both the techniques shared and the support from the start has been fantastic.”

Angie, Freelance Trainer

“I came across Training 4 Influence on Linkedin; it was definitely something that flashed up on social media. I just assumed being the cynic that I am this was more snake oil as it was like ‘this method changes lives’.’ I followed the link and it talked about training. I’ve been training in both public and private organisations for about 25 years now. The main focus of my work is with civil service and NHS. So I looked you up and you were ‘would you like to join us?’ I thought, yeah let’s roll the dice. I’m really grateful. The methodology works for me perfectly and I’ve really valued being part of your community. Thanks so much.”

Martin, Freelance Trainer

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The more people who deliver training using the 4 step methodology the bigger difference we will collectively make. If you would like further information, to apply for our next train the trainer intake or to book a course delivered by a trainer using the method please message us or read our FAQ.

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